Welcome! Krakenshadow is my weblog, also my username in a game I used to play. I like games. A friendly stranger said they thought it was a cool name, so I’ve stuck with it even though it doesn’t really make much sense. Although I guess the Kraken could cast a shadow, underwater, on the sea bed. Scary.

I had a few things rattling around in my skull and thought it might be fun to share them with the internet. Everyone does that nowadays. What could possibly go wrong?

Mostly, I will write about games, and design. Once upon a time these comprised my profession. I will also likely share my thoughts about books, comics, movies, Vikings, history, philosophy, martial arts, tea, and frankly any other damned thing which pops into my head. Also, cats.

If you want, you can teleport to the very start. Alternatively, browse the taxonomy of my posts.

Hit KRAKENSHADOW on the bar above to get back home. There’s also a menu button to its left, and a search button to the right. Enjoy!

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