Wednesday worrier, Yule 2016

And Yule falls on Odin’s day this year, which seems like it ought to be portentous and probably is. It has been a crappy year for a lot of people, even more so than usual. We’ll try to scare the sun back – apparently with shameless displays of extravagant commercialism – and maybe the next solar cycle will be a little kinder. Maybe.

Some stuff about comics: last week I bought the books the I wanted, except for the Doctor Aphra thing. I flipped through it, and – speaking of shameless commercialism – was struck by a wave of ennui so absolute that I almost fainted right there. So bland. So blatantly phoned in by both artist and writer. Also, Old Man Logan was still absent Sorrentino and frankly Lemire couldn’t hit the right tone with such a blatantly silly premise (the Transylvania gig: I understand we are talking about superhero comics here, so the given value of ‘silly’ is naturally already brushing the ceiling) so although I spent the money I don’t feel I got much value. But value for money in comics, or any product of an entertainment industry, is a tricky idea to pin down. It takes about twenty minutes to read a $3.99 floppy twice, maybe a bit longer if it is a really good comic where each panel is an individual work of art which is nevertheless also just one polished gear in a glorious narrative engine which in turn is also a splendid monument to the cartoonist’s craft. Let’s call it $12 an hour, which is meaningless calculus because, of course, never mind the width – feel the quality. Still, that’s pretty cheap. Too cheap, perhaps? Does it devalue the best work, and excuse the mundane?

This week’s comics: Lady Mechanika La Dame etc. #3, Lucifer #13, Lake of Fire #5, Gamora #1, Samurai Brothers etc. #4. One great book (Lake of Fire FTW!), one fine bande dessinee, one pretty book (Mr Benitez’s steampunk stylings), one I seem to be unable to drop despite never reading it because I have accidentally taken personal responsibility for keeping the once-peerless Vertigo imprint afloat, and one new title which looked pretty good in the previews and is from Guardians of the Galaxy which is the only film from the last five years to get into my personal Top Ten favourite movies. Marvel are also launching a new Star-Lord series tomorrow but it has a cameo from Howard the Grawlix Duck so it’ll be cold day in hell before I buy that.

The missing: the final part, #6, of Karnak was due. Now it’s not. What a surprise. What a joke. Allegedly it will be released on February 1 2017. April 1 would be more appropriate.

That is that. Best festive wishes to you, each and all!