Wednesday worrier, 12.14.16

I admit that my enthusiasm is waning, for all things. Nevertheless, here we are with yet another attmpt to catch a glimpse of sequential narrative joy through the boundless cloacal murk which is the future. Or, at least, tomorrow’s trip to the comic store.

Last week was deeply unspectacular. I flicked through the new Doctor Aphra book and saw nothing remotely inspiring, so that didn’t leave the shop with me. Disappointment abounds.

This week should be a little less dreadful. Emphases on ‘should’ and ‘a little’. But – hey! – we take what we can get. Here are the titles which the usual source says might be available:

  • Young Terrorists #2

This warrants a full-on ‘What the…?!’ Number one came out so long ago that I can’t really remember. More than a year? I had to wait for the second printing, that much I do recall. Anyway, by some strange alchemy the second part is now due for release. Odds are against my shop actually ordering any copies, but they’ve surprised me before.

  • The Strain: Mr Quinlan etc. #4

Yup. Still haven’t read 1 through 3, but there are still Romans in it thus I am still buying it.

  • Green Valley #3

This has been really good so far. Yay.

  • Old Man Logan #15

His Holiness Sorrentino is allegedly back on art for this second part of Wrinkly Wolverine’s Transylvanian extravaganza. Excellent.

  • Britannia #4

The last issue, dammit. Quality work like this ought to make certain major publishers soil themselves from utter humiliation, but it doesn’t becuase only twelve people have been buying this comic. What a shame it is finishing. Sad now.

And that is that. I’ll be back next week, probably.