Wednesday worrier, 12.07.16

Another week, another trip to the comic emporium. Assuming ’emporium’ means ‘tiny, dusty shop’. Which books do I intend to buy tomorrow?

But first, what happened last week? I got my comics, both of them. It was very exciting. Oh, one thing: Sorrentino didn’t draw Old Man Logan #14. My mistake. He’s been having a well-deserved rest.

We can now move on. Here is the usual link to comiclist, undisguised for once. Here is the list of books I hope to buy:

  • Predator vs. Judge Dredd vs. Aliens #3

Finally due after an irritating delay, this instalment had better be good!

  • Star Wars Doctor Aphra #1

Captain Gillen teams up with Kev Walker, an artist I always enjoy, for some space stuff. Should be amusing.

  • Unworthy Thor #2

THOR! Um. Actually, Odinson at the moment. The dude’s hammerless.

That is all. Keep well.