Wednesday worrier, 11.30.16

I have pretty much run out of ways of avoiding writing ‘tomorrow is Wednesday’ in my opening sentence. It is.

Last week I dropped Kingsway West: a quick flickthrough showed me a lot of talking heads, in the dark, and that’s where I switch off. I got everything else on the list. This week will be very quiet. The all-seeing eye reports that only two of my comics are coming out:

  • Seven to Eternity #3

Ve-ee-ry pretty book, thanks to Opeña’s nifty linework and Hollingsworth’s wonderful colours. Remender’s writing in the last instalment was a definite improvement on the first, so I’m sticking with this title.

  • Old Man Logan #14

Logan – AKA Wrinkly Wolverine – goes to Transylvania. I am entirely enthusiastic about this development.

Still no Pred vs Dredd vs The Nefarious Exomenace #3. Sigh.

Not a lot of new stuff of any interest on the horizon, either. The Doctor Aphra series starts next month, and I’ll certainly join Mr Gillen for that. Marvel’s other contortions are… uninteresting. DC have nothing I need (although if the Ellis Wildstorm thing actually happens then this may change), frankly including Lucifer (which I’ll still get for as long it lasts because I have started and I intend to finish; actually reading the comics is not mandatory, surely). Once Britannia is done, tragically soon, then Valiant will drop off my list, and so will Dark Horse when Mr Quinlan ends and if they ever get the last two issues of PvJDvA done.

It’ll all come down to just those grimy survivors over at Image. How apt.