Wednesday worrier, 11.23.16

Tomorrow is the day before Thanksgiving, of course. More importantly, it is also the day that this week’s new comics arrive.

While it can be hard to see what exactly everyone is giving thanks for, I guess we can at least be grateful for having a wide choice of illustrated periodicals. Assuming that ‘wide choice’ carries the caveat ‘provided you like Batman and Deadpool’. Also assuming that your local purveyor actually ordered them, and that you have the opportunity to be appropriately thankful that some other enthusiast didn’t grab the only copy before you could get to the store.

Last week… Um… I can’t actually remember. It was a busy week. I don’t recall being especially disappointed, so let’s just assume that everything went fine. Oh. I do vaguely remember that I did find a copy of Sheriff of Babylon #12 and thus I do now have a full set which I shall duly bequeath to my cats.

And this week? I have consulted the grand prognosticator and determined that I will give suitable thanks if I can secure all the following comics:

  • Kingsway West #3

So that’s half of Dark Horse’s missing titles finally on the shelves. Yay? Whatever, dude.

  • Black Monday Murders #4

Actually, yay. A pleasure to behold. If Hickman could be cloned, and given a supply of excellent artists, maybe all comics wouldn’t have to be about Batman or Deadpool and might in fact be, y’know, good.

  • Lake of Fire #4

Oh, and clone these guys while you’re at it. Still my favourite comic this year (although there’s some pretty fierce competition). Since the year is rapidly running out, I expect this verdict to stand.

  • Empress #7

Somewhat delayed, but here at last for the normal price of… What? $5.99? What the hell, Marvel? This had better be a double-length issue. Marvel seem to have finally dropped the oh-so-very-stupid $4.99 first issue thing, only to have come up with a new price gouge which is guaranteed to make their customers feel even more astonishingly exploited. I paid $5.99 for the last part of Darth Vader, but demanding that price for the last issue of something Millar scribbled on his toilet paper in rests between colon spasms the morning after a particularly ferocious jalfrezi (albeit prettily drawn by the mighty Immo… I mean the comic, not the curry) is surely excessive cheek.

  • Mighty Thor #13

And yet here I am knock, knock, knocking at Marvel’s door every month for Thor. Just dress me in black rubber and call me ‘sucker’. Did I just write that? What will people think? I meant, so I looked like a plunger. A sucker. Geddit? Nothing kinky, just a bad joke. No kink here. Move along.

No egregious slips (as in lateness, rather than Freudian) come to mind, other than the ongoing PvJDvA mystery; so I guess that’s it for Thanksgiving week. Enjoy your turkey! After all, somebody you know voted for him.

Breaking news: Black Friday has officially been renamed ‘White Friday’ by the president-elect’s senior advisors. You read it here first. Give thanks, my friends. Give big thanks. Bigger than that, dammit. Huge!

I feel ill.