Wednesday worrier, 11.16.16

Tomorrow is comic book day, again. And yet again, there are a lot of more important things to worry about. But the show must go on.

Last week was a disaster, and yet I got all but one of my comics. I bet a bunch of other folks feel the same way. In any case, Triggerman #2 was predictably absent from the shop and I really couldn’t muster the energy to order it (and every issue thereafter) so I guess that’s one for the dropped column. Along with the last dregs of my faith in human nature.

Peering at the leaves at the bottom of my empty – so very empty! – cup, I have identified the comics which I hope to purchase on the morrow:

  • Sheriff of Babylon #12

If you keep a close eye on the release schedules, you’ll know this was out on the 2nd of this month. Apparently, I have some sort of blind spot for the number 12 and thus, immediately after missing Mighty Thor #12, I contrived to miss Sheriff of Babylon’s grand finale. Sigh. Hopefully they’ll still have a copy, or it’s special order time yet again.

  • Lucifer #12

Another month, another Lucifier. Maybe I’ll read them all once I have a year’s worth accumulated?

  • Samurai #3

More ongoing bande dessinee goodness from Titan. I wish other publishers would try re-releasing Franco-Belgian stuff in the monthly floppy format. It feels so much more convenient than being nutkicked for a forty page hardback book.

  • Old Man Logan #13

Last part of this arc. I hopped on just for this storyline, because it had ‘ronin’ in the title and was therefore automatically an order of magnitude cooler than anything lacking the Japanese term for a masterless samurai. Will I carry on? Sorrentino and Lemire will be taking Logan to Romania in a mere two weeks time, so yes.

  • Kill or be Killed #4

Oh gosh, this is a lovely comic. I noticed the other day that Ed co-wrote an episode of HBO’s Westworld. Good for him!

  • Britannia #3


Black Monday Murders #4 has taken a small slip, and is now due next week. There are still no dates for the missing Dark Horse duo, which is irritating.

Not a lot more to say. It seems that Donald Tee-Rump will have some of the foulest excuses for human beings who currently breathe the sacred air of the Republic whispering in his ear once he’s the Chief. Truly. Fucking. Terrifying.