Wednesday worrier, 11.09.16

An election day special! Which means I have a lot more to worry about than whether my comics will be at the store tomorrow.

But here I am anyway. Last week I did indeed get Bitch Planet #9, which was scarcely worth the near-infinte wait. Unworthy Thor #1 was rather good, but that’s no surprise since Aaron has long since cemented his reputation as the Thor writer since Simonson. I also cracked at the horrifying prospect of buying merely two comics, and got the first two parts of the current series of Lady Mechanika.

So I have conducted comprehensive polling and concluded that this week I hope to buy the following bibliovisual delights:

  • The Strain Mr Quinlan #3

Still has Romans in. I think. I really should watch the TV show so I know who the protagonist is supposed be.

  • James Bond #11

This series is staggering closer to the end, so I can jump off when Ellis does.

  • Paybacks #4

This title was a problem to get last month, but was a good read once I got it. I think this one’s the finale.

  • Green Valley #2

Looking forward to this: numero uno was very good, and I have high hopes.

  • Trigger Man #2

Eventually got #1 on special order. Failed to read it. Guess I’ll see if the shop remembered they had a customer for this, but doubt I’ll go to the extra trouble of ordering this every month if they didn’t.

And that is that. Still no sign of Dark Horse’s missing comics from last week, which is a shame. I have to go and practise: I went to a seminar on Sunday and although my legs are still thoroughly sore from six hours of being brutalised, the sun is shining and there are some important corrections I want to work on. Painful and thankless is the path. Which I suppose ought to describe public service, too. Hah! Don’t forget to vote, now!