Wednesday worrier, 11.02.16

Well, it’s that day before that day again. Not a lot else to say. What comics might I be concerned about missing this week?

Last week was a success. I ditched Suicide Squad, a decision I am very comfortable with, and picked up Seven to Eternity #2 despite my grumbling: it was even prettier this time around and also had a bit more vim – zip, shazam – to the writing. I also got that Mighty Thor #12 which I’d unaccountably forgotten the week prior. So we take our victories, however tiny, where we can find them.

I have delved once more into the secrets of the unnameable, and it turns out that tomorrow should bring something far short of a bumper crop of illustrated periodicals. It is, in fact, a truly feeble selection of a mere two books:

  • Bitch Planet #9

Finally, it is due. I am far beyond even the faintest glimmer of residual excitement, but after delay upon delay, such that even the delays were themselves delayed, it is due.

  • Unworthy Thor #1

A new Thor series. Should be good. Previews looked good. I am actually looking forward to this.

I was also looking forward to Predator vs. Judge Dredd vs. Aliens #3, but Dark Horse are having an off-week. This is delayed until nobody-seems-to-know-when, as is Kingsway West #3.

So, a week to match my mood. Only just worth getting out of bed for. That is all, until next week.