Wednesday worrier, 10.26.16

Another week, and another Wednesday is creeping along the treeline – no, don’t look! You’ll never see it if you look directly at it. Just try to make out the shadow, from the corner of your eye. Sneaky, isn’t it?

Still finding it hard to give a damn here. Last week was not quite a washout, but there was no Night’s Dominion #2 and I don’t really care. I also, somehow, despite it being on the list, failed to get Mighty Thor #12. I must have walked past it ten times in the shop. Fair indication of my state my mind, and things have not improved.

But the wheel still turns, and the jobs of honest people as well as dishonest ones depend on idiots like me buying comics. That’s right, I’m doing it for the children: those poor starvelings whose maters and paters toil over drawing boards under harsh light, or sit hunched over laptop computers and rack their brains for a line of dialogue which isn’t painfully obvious.

The steampunktastic megagraphpredictorcon tells me that the following comics from my list are supposed to be at the store tomorrow:

  • Seven to Eternity #2

First one sure was pretty, but the whole business felt quite empty. That might just be me, of course; but I think I’m done with both this book and Mr Remender. I’ll flick through this issue. Perhaps something will catch my eye and change my mind.

  • Lake of Fire #3

Yay! So far, probably my favourite comic of the year. I kid you not. I love the art, I’m totally hip with the ‘Cathars are pretty cool’ vibe (hard not to be, really, when their opponents were such utter bastards – I read a good book about the unbelievable shitshow that was the Albigensian Crusade a few years ago, and there’s no exaggeration in this comic). I admit that when the project was announced I thought the alien invasion thing was just silly. Why not write a straight-up historical comic about a fascinating and often overlooked subject? But it has actually worked very well as a device both metaphorical and narrative.

  • Suicide Squad #5

It is still here, on the list, every two weeks. I suppose I might sit down one day and think, ‘I know, I’ll catch up on all those Suicide Squad comics I bought,’ and I’ll read them and really enjoy them and be grateful I got them.

  • Nighthawk #6

For some reason I thought this was cancelled at #5 but apparently this is actually the last issue. Silly me. Done here.

No Bitch Planet #9, of course. I no longer write down the due date, so maybe it wasn’t re-re-re-re-rescheduled for this week, but I’m going to bitch (geddit?) about it anyway because, seriously, you are supposed to be professionals. Artist ill? Hire a different one. Writer blocked? Get some help, do a backup story, skip to the end, do anything but just sit there while the last withered husks of your audience shrivel up and blow away.

That is all. See you next week, and in the meantime, watch out for the hun in the sun.