Wednesday worrier, 10.12.16

Demain c’est mercredi, as Williame le bâtard probably didn’t say on Tuesdays, back when men were men and wore hauberks. And so the inevitable concern makes its weekly return: will I get my comics?

Or will I be thwarted once again, as happened last week? I had only modest ambitions, but one of the comics I wanted had not been ordered at all! And they still had no copies of the Paybacks #3. So. Tired. To compensate myself, I ended up buying Green Valley #1 even though I’d decided not to bother with it. So. Weak. Although I did flick through Archangel #3 and, having waited an age for it to come out, put it back on the shelf. So. Random.

But the globe spins on. I have checked under the bed, and found a sock stolen by the cats, but also the list of the comics I hope to obtain tomorrow. And it is a doozy. Many slim volumes of the finest narrative sequential art await, and each one (um, exemptions may apply) is a firmly stapled ray of glorious expectation:

  • The Strain: Mr Quinlan Vampire Hunter #2

Why am I getting this? I have neither read the novel nor seen the TV show. Probably, I got suckered by the Romans in issue 1.

  • Sheriff of Babylon #11

Tom ‘CIA’ King’s tribute to time served, crisply drawn by Mitch ‘One of the few comic artists who actually knows what a real firearm looks like’ Gerads. Penultimate issue!

  • Suicide Squad #4

I am useless. I still have this on the list, and I haven’t read one issue. Fool.

  • Black Monday Murders #3

Exciting. Each issue is just a lovely artifact. Hickman’s creator-owned work has been phenomenal.

  • Kill or be Killed #3

Can I get away with calling Ed Brubaker ‘Irn Bru’? I just did!

  • Darth Vader #25

Last issue! So Marvel have hiked the price and printed eleventy-seven variant covers. Bless ’em. At least they are actually letting people buy the book at last. Many its delays have been, ye-es.

  • Old Man Logan #12

Can comic layouts be punk? I guess anything can be punk, and Sorrentino’s utter contempt for the so-called ‘rules’ of panel arrangement certainly has attitude to spare. I hope Scott McCloud’s eyes are bleeding. Not really. Love ya, Scotty.

  • Britannia #2

Issue 1 was just bloody beautiful, frankly. If I get this whole series, I can die happy.

Eight books. Yikes. So much for cutting my list down. The much-smudged and dog-eared index card on which I pencil this stuff in teensie-weensie letters has run out of space. New index card time is also figure out how ludicrously over budget I am time. Check back next week for the outcome of that interesting little scuffle between id and superego!