Wednesday worrier, 10.05.16

Well, that day between today and Thursday is almost upon us once again. The battle for this week’s comics is scant hours away.

Will I prevail? Or will the inexorable forces of entropy, here manifest as a conspiracy between the guy who orders the comics and the weirdos who also want to buy them, snatch away my sense of accomplishment? Oh, the anxiety!

But what of last week? I was indeed thwarted. Nary a copy of The Paybacks #3 was to be found. I’m hoping against hope that it might appear this week, or perhaps the week after that when re-orders arrive. Failing that, it goes on the back issue list of terror, to be sought should I ever have the misfortune to find myself in the big city, where the roomy, clean and helpfully staffed comic stores reside.

As tradition demands, I have laboriously deciphered a few more lines of the ancestral scrolls and determined which books I must have – I must! – this week:

  • James Bond #10

The end of the Ellis and Masters run approaches. Slowly. It won’t actually be over until Christmas, even though their (worthy?) replacements will get their 007 series underway this month.

  • Archangel #3

This picked up a nasty delay but is finally due. Second issue was disappointing, and a long time ago, but I’ll hang in there because the basic conceit of the story (by William Gibson, no less) is pretty cute.

  • Trigger Man #1

New series, scripted by Walter ‘The Warriors’ Hill and illustrated by a French person. French persons often do super-duper comic art.

  • Bloodshot Reborn #18

A surprise entry, since #17 was just last week. Rushing, I guess, to finish Reborn so they can get on with Bloodshot USA at the end of the month.

An average week, then. I was considering Image’s new series, Green Valley, but decided against it. If I suffer non-buyer’s remorse, a good thing about Image is that they put out trades very promptly and affordably. Also contributing to the relative quiet are a couple of no-shows. Sherriff of Babylon #10 has slipped a week, and Darth Vader #25 has picked up yet another week of delay (it is now six weeks late). I presume this is so Marvel could add yet more variant covers to ‘celebrate’ the end of the series: I counted 12 variants this morning, which is just damned silly.