Wednesday worrier, 09.28.16

Onsdag looms once more, bringing another attack of the weekly anxiety. Will some mouthbreather with a smartphone, a car, and attention deficit disorder finally kill me?

If I make it to the comic shop alive, will the noble proprietor grace me with an actual smile, or do I need to do an entire decade of weekly visits to earn this boon? But mostly, will they have my books?

But how did things go with last week’s epic list? Astonishingly, I got everything! I had to mortgage one of my kidneys to do it, but it was totally worth compromising my renal health to get a pile of prettily illustrated stories. Totally.

I have seen the soothsayer cast the runes, and it would seem that this week ought to be fairly average:

  • Suicide Squad #3

Am I still getting this? What the hell?

  • The Paybacks #3

I reviewed the first two issues. They were all right. Fun, even.

  • Lake of Fire #2

A colourist who writes? Fairbairn is that colourist. He also letters and, um, colours. Helps that Matt Smith is a much better artist than actor. Or maybe they’re different people? Lovely comic so far, anyway.

  • Nighthawk #5

Nighty-night Nighthawk! Last issue. Has been cancelled by those [insert grawlix] who run Marvel.

  • Bloodshot Reborn #17

How many comics is Jeff Lemire actually writing at the moment? Must be at least 6. I think he’s drawing one as well. Maybe ‘Jeff Lemire’ is really the name of some kind of hipster co-op with a loft in downtown Toronto? Betwixt earnest discussions of artisanal brewing and post-ironic body art, they knock out a few bitchin’ comics.

A couple of absentees. James Bond #10 is delayed till next week. More irritating, the righteously enjoyable Predator vs. Judge Dredd vs. Aliens (you read that right!) has taken a full month’s hit, and #3 is now supposedly not arriving until the start of November. I was going to review the first two issues. I shan’t now. Sulking.

I just ate a banana and walnut muffin. Yum.