Wednesday worrier, 9.21.16

Mittwoch on the morrow, and I will mosey on down to the comic shop to get this week’s new books. Or not, because sometimes they fail to order them. Or they order one copy and some kind of crazed collector gets to it before I do. Hence the worry.

But what happened last week? I got all my books! Hooray. Also, I dropped Uncanny Inhumans without bothering to buy #13. Unfortunately for my plan to reduce my list, I made an unscheduled pickup of two new comics.

My usual consultation with the oracle tells me that this week ought to be pretty epic. First, the ongoings:

  • Kingsway West #2

#1 was just good enough for me to press on with Pak’s weird western, but I’m stubborn like that.

  • Lucifer #10

Honestly, I haven’t yet read the last six or more issues. And yet I buy it every month. Worrying.

  • Empress #6

Nice pictures by Immonen, story’s a bit meh (Millar’s trend lately) but there’s only one issue left after this. I may as well see it to the end.

  • Karnak #5

Delay plagued, but quite excellent when it actually shows up. Ellis is a colossus, and here he does his thing quite nicely.

  • Mighty Thor #11

Dauterman is, no doubt, the man! Also it’s Thor, thus awesome.

  • Power Man & Iron Fist #8

The only Iron Fist at the moment, but I’d get this anyway to support David Walker: his other title (Nighthawk, also on my list) has been cancelled.

Then, the new series:

  • Seven to Eternity #1

Remender’s (only?) chance to redeem himself after Tokyo Ghost, where he managed to make me hate one of my favourite artists. Previews of this suggest Opeña’s art will be stellar, but what of the script?

  • Britannia #1

Imperial Rome, eldritch horror, Euro art: these are things of which I approve. In the same package, with Valiant’s production standards? Well, tickle me all anticipatey!

I also hope to spot a copy of Night’s Dominion #1, for which I’m a couple of weeks late. Hannibal Tabu over at the Buy Pile said he liked it and who am I to disagree?

Conspicuously absent is Bitch Planet #9. It has been rescheduled more times than Donald Trump’s meeting with the IRS. We can now expect it on October 19, allegedly. That’s 6 months 13 days late. This book had great traction at about the time they released the first trade: reviews were stellar, publicity was widespread, and it was even winning fans among readers new to comics. Now? Now only strange obsessives like me remember that it even exists.