Dice-idedly awesome

A pun this awful probably deserves some kind of karmic retribution. While waiting for the great wheel to turn, I shall write about the dice which just arrived in the mail.

Earlier this week, I mentioned that I had ordered some new dice from an outfit called Awesome Dice. I had spent some quite happy hours browsing their excellent range of single dice to craft a set which suited my existing dice, my rather groovy dice containers, my particular (or peculiar) tastes, and the requirements of the various games these dice would be used to play. I was also perversely pleased that the total cost, including shipping and tax, was precisely $30. The dice have now arrived, shipped in a box marked ‘certified awesome’ no less, and they are indeed awesome.

My old dice containers. The tiny chest is real bone, bound in brass. It fits inside the larger box.

So, there’s one standard 7-set of opaque ivory, numbered in black, which came in the traditional and rubbish Chessex box. (I should mention that these dice are all Chessex: the edginess of Game Science is beyond my budget, and cheap knockoffs are beneath my contempt.) Also, I ordered 8 various single dice in the same colours to round out a base set which should meet almost all my needs whilst avoiding a pointless duplicate percentile die: 2d4, 4d6, 2d8, 1d10, 1d%, 2d12, 3d20.

Then there’s some dice intended as loaners to round out other sets in play. I bought opaque red and blue d4, d6, d8, d12. I already owned a d10 of each colour. For further flexibility, I also got opaque black 3d6 and a d20. Last but not least, I splashed on some fancy dice with a fiery, swirling blend of orange opaque and translucent tones, with black numbering, called ‘vortex orange’. These just scream to be used for more devastating spells, but I’m on a budget so I just got 2d6 and a d20: I was trying for a motif where the basic ivory dice could be imagined to be infused, as it were, with energy and tranformed into the vortex orange. This worked better in my head, which is entirely typical. They still look pretty though, and now I wish I’d sprung for a d10 (that’s firebolt damage in D&D 5e).

Many of my new dice, plus genuine certification of awesome and a knife. Fact: still-life photography always looks better with a knife.

All the dice are in fine condition, numbers are painted properly, weight and feel are the same as any other Chessex plastic dice: good solid dice, if lightish and quite round on the corners so inclined to roll and roll. The vendor got my order right, packed everything securely with plenty of filler, and sent it all to the right address: so that’s all good too.

I am pleased.



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