Randomly noticed

I randomly noticed that the amazon listing for The Tome of Beasts (a huge, shiny monster manual for D&D 5e by Kobold Press) has been changed.

The release date has shifted from the end of this week to early next year, and they now have the wrong cover art. Also, the publisher has been changed to Paizo, which is odd. Paizo publish Pathfinder, which is D&D’s main competitor: it’s like Burger King putting the Big Mac on their menu. (Although Paizo are selling Tome of Beasts pdf on their site.)

Kickstarter backers already have their copies, and it is for sale on Kobold’s webstore (albeit with a message saying it is on backorder due to high demand) so I have no idea what’s happening with amazon. They should have warehoused their stock already.

It is irritating, though: I enjoy a good bestiary, and the reviews I’ve read suggest that this is indeed a good one. Although apparently not good enough for me to buy it from the publisher at full price.

Update, 09.20.16. It appears that the artwork is now fixed on the amazon page, but the other details remain the same, including a January 10 2017 release date.