Wednesday worrier, 9.14.16

It is Woden’s Day tomorrow. That means a stroll to my not-especially-friendly local comic store to secure this week’s new releases. I hope.

I hope they were ordered at all, and in sufficient quantity.

My customary scouring of the world wide web, carefully coordinated with my meticulously maintained pull list, suggests that I will be worried about not finding the following masterworks of sequential graphic storytelling:

  • The Black Monday Murders #2

Worship at the splendid design-altar of J. Hickman!

  • Old Man Logan #11

Drawn by Sorrentino, the Quentin of panel arrangement

  • Suicide Squad #2

Dunno why? Wasn’t there a movie or something?

  • Uncanny Inhumans #13

Last issue I’m buying: should’ve ditched this turkey at Xmas

An average sort of week. I’m letting my list run down, or trying to, but next week is looking like a monster because of various delays. Be sure to come back then for the gory details!